Individual psychotherapy

In today’s era increasingly more people turn to the psychotherapist for help and are mainly of a young age.The western way of life has played an important role in this, characterized by increased consumption and higher standards of living, missing however a parallel sentimental and psychological maturation of the individual.

Over the last years the crisis of values is becoming more obvious.Values that once were the basis of the traditional family have faded to an important degree, and in people's relations the “I have” dominates over the “I am”.As a consequence there is a crisis of identity of the modern person, in a world that continuously becomes more competitive and threatening.

In order for someone to survive in this world he needs:

  1. To find out his own, new code of values, with equal intellectual values.
  2. Develop skills essential for the survival in a competitive environment.
  3. Familiarize himself in the recognition and management of his sentiments.
  4. To nurture and develop self-esteem in continuous contact with reality.
  5. Identification and usage of the “strong” aspects that parents and grandparents shared, as they constitute a part of each person’s heritage.
  6. Grow empathy*, if we want to help build a Humane and promising world.

Psychotherapy has henceforth become a necessary requirement for today’s person providing quality of life and functioning as prevention in the field of mental and bodily health.

*Empathy: It is the deep communication with another via sentimental identification and comprehension.
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