Curriculum Vitae


Born in Athens in 1958.

Graduated from the Medical School of the University of Verona, Italy, in 1985.
Completed his specialization in psychiatry through the experience he obtained from the Academic Clinic of AHEPA Hospital in Thessaloniki, the clinics of the Psychiatric Hospital of Attica and his teaching work at the Academic Psychiatric Clinic of Aiginiteio Hospital.
Trained in Cognitive Psychopherapy at Aiginiteio University Hospital.
Received training over many years in Systemic Psychotherapy through his attendance at experiential seminars and in group-psychotherapy sessions at the Athenian Institute of Anthropos. (Α.Κ.Μ.Α)

Working in the private sector since 1994. Developed a collaboration network with other well-known professionals in the sector of mental health.
Has been collaborating for years with KETHEA (Therapy Centre for Dependent Individuals) both in the capacity of family therapist and in the capacity of psychiatrist for the identification and treatment of co-diseases in dependent individuals. 

Has been the Scientific Director of the “GALINI” Psychiatric Clinic from 2013 to 2017. Located in Kifissia, a suburb of Athens, the clinic is known for its premium services.

Many years of voluntary service to the residents of the Municipality of Pefki through medical information seminars, consulting teams on personal growth, as well as psychodiagnostics in all cases requested by the Municipal Clinic.
Conducted experiential seminars in private schools for the provision of support to parents, as well as family therapy when needed by parents.

Has participated on many occasions in Psychiatric and Psychotherapeutic congresses in Greece and abroad.
Member of the Hellenic Psychiatric Association, ITACA and the Hellenic Systemic Therapy Society.