The introduction of psychopharmacology in Psychiatry revolutionized the field.

In 1953 with the discovery of chloropromazine psychiatrists managed to deal with psychosis’ that up to that point were dealt either with electroshock, psychosurgery or with long-term restraints (strait-jackets) and commitment to psychiatric clinics.

Since then psychopharmacology has made leaps in evolution. Over the last years, new molecules are discovered annually and are added to the enormous arsenal already in the disposal of the modern psychiatrist.

At the same time the demands of the relatives of the mental patient also increase. For a schizophrenic today not only is it considered unthinkable to be committed to a psychiatric clinic for several months, but it is also expected to be fully integrated in society.

For the mentally-ill integration in a working place and starting a family are feasible, under certain conditions.