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Meeting with the expert

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Most people have trouble recognizing when a manifestation can be regarded as healthy and when as “pathological”. A key factor is the degree of functionality of an individual at social level, family level and in his/her workplace.


During the session with the patient, which is primarily characterized as a purely human communication, the degree of integrity of the therapist’s personality is also considered.
The ability of the therapist to establish a therapeutic relationship is considered by the patient to be far more important that any professional experience the therapist may have in his/her area of specialization. In this case, the trust that has been developed is particularly helpful for the continuation and completion of the treatment.  

Every human being is unique, just as one’s fingerprints in comparison with those of other people.
Even if one suffers from the same disease as someone else, as such disease is defined by the different classification systems, so the therapeutic plan shall be different, given that it is important to consider all the particularities of each person.

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